A dispute over a paycheck resulted in a pastor in Irvington, Alabama being tased after church services Sunday.

It all started after New Welcome Baptist Church music minister Simone Moore was fired by pastor Daryl Riley. Moore showed up at the church Sunday to collect his final paycheck but was unsatisfied with the amount so he tased Riley, Mobile County Sheriff's officials told WKRG.

A scuffle ensued and church deacon Harvey Hunt ended up stabbing Moore's mother. She was taken to the hospital and received 19 stitches.

Officials issued arrest warrants for both Moore and Hunt.

Moore's mother later told Local 15 News that there was more to the story.

"Last Sunday, Simone didn't take the Lord's supper from [Riley]," she said. "And he was hot about that. Well, you can't make nobody take the Lord's Supper, communion, if they don't want to take it."

Moore, who performs rhythm and blues under the stage name "Simone De," ran as a Democrat for U.S. Senate in 2010.

Watch this video from WKRG, broadcast Aug. 9, 2011.

Watch this video from Local 15 News, broadcast Aug. 9, 2011.