Former New York governor George Pataki is upset over the Obama Administration's guidelines to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks .

Pataki, appearing on Fox News Tuesday morning, was very critical of the White House hopes of presenting a "a positive, forward-looking narrative" for the observance.

"At a fundamental level, this Administration has never understood the meaning of September 11," he said. "The fact is, September 11 was not an attack on the global community, it was an attack on America because of our country's outspoken belief in freedom."

Pataki was far from being finished with his critique: "We have been attacked time and time again. This administration, from its refusal to call terrorists 'terrorists' to now saying, 'When you talk about September 11, minimize al Qaeda and mention other terrorist incidents' just doesn't understand."

"I am insulted," he added. "It's not like the September 11 attacks came out of the blue. The World Trade Center towers in 1993 had been attacked by Muslim extremists, and you would hope after the loss of so many innocent lives that we have an administration that understood that America is still a target for global terrorists. Our President needs to understand that the fundamental, most important role of government is to protect our people."

"Sure, we deplore terrorism anywhere, but it is about us," he said. "We was the country attacked on September 11. We were the country that were attacked eight years earlier. We have got to be vigilant and understand that you can't treat terrorist as civilians with constitutional rights."

Pataki, who flirted with but declined to run for the Republican nomination for president in2012, also slammed Obama on the content of his speeches abroad.

"You can't expect that a message you giving in Egypt or in London isn't going to be heard in New York or Chicago. This is an era of global communication. You have to say the same thing everywhere. You have to be consistent. And by the way, not only is it because people are listening to anything you say in the world, it's also because it is the right thing to do. You shouldn't have two different messages for two different audiences."