A pregnant woman in Denver said she had traveled the world with her insulin without any problems, but that all changed when Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) screeners at Denver International Airport confiscated her medication Thursday.

"Well, you're a risk," she said the agent told her. "This is a risk... I can't tell you why, again. But this is at risk for explosives."

"I got a bottle of nail polish," the mother-to-be told KMGH. "I got hair spray bottles. I got needles that are syringes. But yet I can't take through my actual insulin?"

She explained that the medication was correctly labeled and she provided the TSA with a doctor's note. Luckily, the agents missed half of a vial buried at the bottom of her lunch box.

The TSA website lists insulin as one of the many permitted products for traveling diabetics.

"We are sensitive to the concerns of passengers who were not satisfied with their screening experience and we invite those individuals to provide feedback to TSA through a variety of channels," the TSA told KMGH in a statement. "We work to balance those concerns with the very real threat that our adversaries will attempt to use explosives to carry out attacks on planes."

Watch this video from KMGH, broadcast Aug. 4, 2011.

(H/T: The Daily Caller)