Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) appeared on Countdown Monday evening to praise Libya's rebels and criticize prominent GOP figures for not giving President Obama any credit on the situation.

Ellison, who favored intervention into Tripoli, gave a contrasting viewpoint on what should happen with the country's oil from what Donald Trump offered on Fox and Friends earlier. "Different oil countries are licking their chops, the Libyan people have their own ideas for developing their own country," said the congressman. "I think it's important for the United States to be right there to say, 'The Libyan oil belongs to the Libyan people, and that is the only way it can possibly be.'"

Host Keith Olbermann asked Ellison his thoughts on Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsay Graham's (R-SC) statements slamming President Obama for not being more aggressive in Libya. The Minnesota public official was not hesitant to castigate them for their words.

"Absolute unmitigated gall," he said. "This is just an absurdity. NATO doesn't function without the United States. How McCain and Graham can sit back and sort of say that the United States and President Obama did not contribute to the fall of Gaddafi is plainly an absurdity on its face."

Ellison also called out the GOP on national security, claiming "they will simply make stuff up" when the issue comes up during next year's election season.

"They will simply declare themselves as the defenders of the American people, all facts to the contrary, and accuse Obama of not being a true American to not being brave or supporting our troops," he said.

"These are the people who tarnished John Kerry and said he was less than a war hero. Don't ever expect that they will conform their behavior to the facts on the ground. They won't. They will simply say whatever is most advantageous to them for as loud and as long as they can."

WATCH: Video from Current TV, which appeared on August 22, 2011.