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Ron Paul rebukes Romney: Corporations are not people



In a verbal slap at former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney (R), Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) affirmed this weekend his belief that only individuals are people, contradicting Romney’s insistence that corporations are as well.

Legally, Romney is right and Paul is wrong. Corporations have been endowed with the rights of individuals since 1886. But the statement is notable for Paul’s timing, coming just days after Romney got into a back-and-forth with an angry heckler who got him to say, “Corporations are people, my friend.”


Confronted by Think Progress reporter Scott Keyes, who asked Paul what he thought of the remark, the Texas Congressman replied: “Obviously they’re not. People are individuals, they’re not groups and they’re not companies. Individuals have rights, they’re not collective. You can’t duck that. So individuals should be responsible for corporations, but they shouldn’t be a new creature, so to speak. Rights and obligations should be always back to the individual.”

Paul placed second in the Iowa straw poll, coming in less than 1 percent behind Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN). Though his candidacy is not getting much play on television news, an Associated Press analysis published Sunday called him “a serious player in the campaign,” noting a growth in his base of support from 2008 to 2011.

This video is from Think Progress, published Monday, August 15, 2011.

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California says film, TV production can resume June 12



California will allow film, television and music production to resume from June 12 if conditions permit after months of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, the governor's office said Friday.

Film and television productions in the Golden State have been shuttered since mid-March.

The reopening will be subject to approval by local health officers, the California Public Health Office said.

"To reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission, productions, cast, crew and other industry workers should abide by safety protocols agreed by labor and management, which may be further enhanced by county public health officers," it said.

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Susan Collins skipped Trump’s visit to Maine after president threatened colleague Lisa Murkowski



Protesters were expected to meet President Donald Trump on his Friday afternoon visit to Maine, but Senator Susan Collins, caught in the middle of a hotly contested re-election race this fall, did not.

This article first appeared in Salon.

Instead, the embattled Republican senator will be in Washington, where she has "several federal and non-federal events on her schedule," a Collins spokeswoman told NBC News.

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HBO’s Maher taunts Trump fans over president hiding in a bunker from protesters: ‘Is America great enough for you yet?’



In his opening monologue on Friday night, HBO "Real Time" host Bill Maher both ridiculed Donald Trump and taunted his fans over reports the president was whisked away to an underground bunker to protect him from anti-police brutality protesters.

According to the HBO comedian, "As soon as some shit started outside the White House he went straight to the bunker, five floors below ground. He says he wasn't hiding, he said, I love this, it was more of an inspection -- and he didn't piss himself, he was watering his shoes."

"I tell you, deranged authoritarians and bunkers, always a winning combination," he added.

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