Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul wants to make deep cuts to spending and entitlements, but he's worried there might be European-style riots in the U.S. if he gets his way.

"I see the anger building and problems getting worse," Paul told Fox Business Network's Lou Dobbs Wednesday.

"There's going to be an inflation tax hit us and these problems are going to be with us and I am just afraid there will be people in the streets like there have been in other countries when they don't get what they want," he added.

The Texas congressman said that voters in Wisconsin had been "too impatient" with Gov. Scott Walker's (R) drastic measures to slash the state's budget.

"I think if they can pursue those policies, people in a year or so are going to say, 'Wow!'"

Watch this video from Fox Business Network, broadcast Aug. 24, 2011.

(H/T: Mediaite)