Comedy Central's Jon Stewart Tuesday scolded Newsweek for selecting an unflattering photo of Rep. Michele Bachmann for their most recent cover.

Conservatives' favorite thing to do is complain about the mainstream media, Stewart noted. "And you know the worst part about when the right complains about the mainstream media? When their argument contains a kernel of truth."

"Case in point, this week's Newsweek cover which seems to have captured Michele Bachmann at the exact moment she's sees the Amazing Rebalto turn his hat into a dove."

"Look, Newsweek, that's a shitty picture of Michele Bachmann. And, clearly, not an accidentally shitty picture of Michele Bachamann. Cause you can say a lot of things about Michele Bachmann -- a lot of things -- but here is what you can't say about Michele Bachmann, that she is not photogenic," he continued.

"Be honest, Newsweek, you used that photo in a petty attempt to make Michele Bachmann look crazy and that's what her words are for... You want a photo that makes her seem a little off? Make it out of her words!"

Watch this video from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast Aug. 9, 2011.