Van Jones, former Special Advisor of Green Jobs for President Barack Obama and co-founder of Color of Change, spoke with The UpTake's Jacob Wheeler at the Netroots Nation conference in June.

"People are tearing down the American dream," Jones said. "We have to have a balanced approach to our budget problems. I understand we have to cut some stuff, I say cut Halliburton first but I understand we need to cut some stuff. We also have to look at the revenue side... we have to be more creative than just running a wrecking ball through American society and calling that patriotism."

Jones also said he was willing to debate former Fox News commentator Glenn Beck, who led a media campaign against Jones because of his past political activities. Beck has refused to debate Jones because he is an "unrepentant Communist revolutionary."

"You can't just let that poison go unchallenged," Jones explained. "I don't just think we should be talking about each other in America, I think we should be talking to each other."

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube August 7, 2011, below: