Wisconsin state senate candidate Fred Clark said Tuesday on ABC’s Top Line that the state's legislature had been "dominated by a very radical agenda" over the last year and that he felt "as good as [he] could feel" about Tuesday's election.

Six Republican state senators were recalled after supporting Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial “budget repair bill,” which stripped nearly all collective bargaining rights from public employees.

Clark is running to replace Republican State Senator Luther Olson in the 14th District.

“So this area is dominated by farm country, small towns, you know this is a time of year when people are bringing in that first crop of sweet corn going to the tractor pulls in the county fairs, and it's traditionally been a conservative country, but all of a sudden everybody in Wisconsin has a stake in what's happening, and this is where we're seeing a political realignment,” Clark said.

Democrats need to pick up three additional seats to gain a majority in the state Senate.

Three Democratic state senators were also recalled. One of those senators has already successfully defended his seat.

Watch video, courtesy of ABC News, below: