It was the town hall event that Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) probably wanted to avoid having.

According to Think Progress, a number of residents at the Iowa Senator's town hall Monday evening expressed their support for Social Security, including one individual who urged that Congress raise the payroll tax cap.

"My question is, why can’t we raise the wage cap in order to ensure that Social Security can continue on as it is without talking about cutting it?" Rosie Partridge said, the woman who asked the question to Grassley.

Partridge also mentioned the fact that, along with her husband, she is a small business owner who would not mind seeing an increase in her own taxes if it strengthens the program. "The business would pay more, too," she said. "And you know what? No complaints. We want to have Social Security!"

Grassley replied, "I think when it comes to Social Security, if anybody’s going to bargain in good faith, you have to have everything on the table. But if your point of view is to solve the Social Security problem just by taking the cap off, that isn’t going to solve it, as the trustees looked at it and said five years."

Grassley's colleague in the Senate, Bernie Sanders (I-VT), is planning to introduce legislation that would apply the payroll cap to incomes above $250,000-a-year.

WATCH: Video from Think Progress, from August 29, 2011.