The tea party Republican who once said that Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was "vile" and "not a lady" is now demanding more civility in politics.

Rep. Allen West (R-FL) told Fox News' Brian Kilmeade Wednesday that President Barack Obama must repudiate remarks by labor leader James Hoffa Jr., that Democrats must "take these sons of bitches out" at the ballot box.

"It has no place in the political discourse in this country," West said. "I think what you see happening is in order to stir up the liberal base, they have to demonize a certain entity and that entity they've chosen is the tea party."

"The president has to come out and say something about this because he gets on the same stage that Mr. Hoffa was on and now that he knows what was said -- and going back to January when he talked about civility, I think we continue to see the people on the left in the Democrat party, Andre Carson with the Congressional Black Caucus making a statement about members of the tea party and certain folks in Congress want to see black Americans hang from trees -- there's no place for this."

Comedy Central's Jon Stewart noted Tuesday that West had once encouraged his supporters use "muskets" and "bayonets" to defeat Democrats.

West also took a moment during Fox News to plug a reportedly anti-Muslim film being screened at his congressional office Wednesday.

"What we're going to do is people came to me and they wanted to have a venue on Capitol Hill to show a story about the survivors of 9/11 and also about the mosque that they are proposing to build there and I think that the House of Representatives are the people's house and I am hosting this movie to be shown because we cannot forget what happened at 9/11," the congressman explained.

"When we talk about, you know, erecting a mosque in the city of 9/11, we would not erect a memorial to Japanese navy seamanship at Pearl Harbor. I think that's the type of considerations that we must look at."

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