SAN FRANCISCO — US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday she saw a "growing recognition" among the "parties in the region" that it would be best for the Palestinians to abandon a bid for UN membership.

Clinton, at a joint news conference after talks with Australia in San Francisco, said she did not want to set odds of success for the US-led diplomatic effort to ward off the UN bid, but that she saw growing support.

"We believe strongly that the road to peace and two states living side by side does not go through New York, it goes through Jerusalem and Ramallah," she said.

"I cannot give you the odds of how successful our entire effort will be. But I think there is certainly a growing recognition among not only the parties in the region but beyond that there is no real answer to all of these concerns that we share other than negotiations on the tough issues," she said.

The concerns "will not be resolved if another route is taken," she added.

The United States has sent envoys to the region in a last-minute bid to thwart the Palestinians' effort for membership at the United Nations, a move vehemently opposed by Israel.

Clinton voiced hope that Israel and the Palestinians could resume negotiations along the contours of a framework laid out by President Barack Obama in May.

"We are absolutely committed to pursuing that," Clinton said.