Back from a two week vacation, Stephen Colbert didn't show any comedic rust in his return to the airwaves.

In his September return, the Comedy Central host talked about the natural disasters that occurred in his absence. And he gave an apology to gay people for believing in his "TV preacher friends that gays cause hurricanes to happen."

Still searching for an answer on the unusual disasters that hit the Northeast while he was gone, Colbert turned to Michele Bachmann's comments about God "giving a message to politicians" as the reason why.

"Yes, hurricanes have that hole in the middle because they're God's megaphone," Colbert said.

When the Report replayed Bachmann's explanation of her comments, calling it just a 'metaphor,' Colbert decided to display his analogy making skills.

"In this metaphor, God represents the American people, politicians represent themselves, and the hurricane represents the earthquake, ok, metaphor," Colbert said.

"And Bachmann herself is a simile. Because she is 'like or as' someone who makes sense."

WATCH: Video form Comedy Central, which appeared on September 7, 2011.