No one in American celebrated harder than Stephen Colbert when former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty joined former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney's presidential campaign.

On The Colbert Report Monday night, the energetic host was absolutely gleeful that the two former campaign rivals and good friends had decided to team up in the race. "It's like Miracle Whip endorsing Mayonnaise," he said.

The Comedy Central host also hoped that Pawlenty's new role would not limit the former Minnesota governor's other duties. "I hope he doesn't have to give up his other job as assistant manager of the Route 23 Kinkos," Colbert said.

And what about the huge impact Pawlenty would bring to Romney's campaign? Colbert mentioned how Romney labeled Pawlenty his "plus one" going into the CNN Tea Party debate, signaling a possible massive surge for the former Massachusetts governor.

"Plus one, also the number of votes he brought to the Romney campaign."

WATCH: Video from Comedy Central, which aired on September 13, 2011.