Harvard Law School professor Elizabeth Warren suggested Monday that she was planning to run for the U.S. Senate during a speech at a breakfast held by the Greater Boston Labor Council.

"America's future depends on jobs... but we can't just made jobs out of thin air," she said. "We need to build the kind of future that creates jobs, and that keeps creating them generation after generation. We need a future of growth and opportunity."

Warren added that the U.S. needed to expand its manufacturing base, so that American products could be sold around the world. She thinks tax breaks and bailouts will do little to help create American jobs, and called for investments in education and infrastructure.

"Now is the time to rebuild America's middle class," Warren continued. "Instead of subsidizing the past -- those who've already made it -- we need to invest in the future."

"I'm going to keep fighting for middle class families and working people, whether I fight as an outsider or I fight from the floor of the Senate," she said.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is leading a charge to "draft" Warren to run, and the petition on their website. The PCCC has also raised $100,000 to support a Warren senatorial campaign.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, below: