Despite arguably taking Jim Hoffa's Labor Day statements out of context, the conservative media is calling on Democrats to rebuke the Teamsters' union president for his remarks.

On Fox and Friends Tuesday morning, Gretchen Carlson pressed DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Hoffa's comments of "Let's take these sons of bitches out." Fox has rarely aired the full context of Hoffa's remark , which was a statement about the need to vote: "Everybody here's got to vote. If we go back and keep the eye on the prize."

However, that did not stop Carlson's fury at the Florida congresswoman after Wasserman Schultz showed no interest in Hoffa's statement.

"Wait a minute, Jimmy Hoffa Jr. said 'Let's take these sons of bitches out and give America back to where America belongs,' and that's your response to it?" asked Carlson.

Wasserman Schultz replied: "My response is that we should be working together and focused on creating jobs."

"But I'm talking about what Jimmy Hoffa said yesterday," Carlson said in an angry tone. That led to a back-and-forth between the two, in which Wasserman Schultz professed herself unable to recall a moment in which Carlson lambasted tea party leaders for similarly harsh rhetoric.

"Are you kidding me?" Schultz said. "Gretchen, how many times have you called out coarse language at the tea party rallies on this network?"

"Plenty," Carlson said.

"Almost never, I have never heard you," Schultz retorted.

Carlson did not back down: "I sit in the middle of the couch, I'm fair and balanced Debbie."

Watch: Video from Fox News, which appeared on September 6, 2011.