In reaction to John Kasich making Ohio become the first state to sell a state-owned prison to a for-profit corporation, Russia Today's Thom Hartmann called the move "worrisome."

The liberal host talked with National Progressive PR strategist Cliff Schecter about the story on Monday's edition of The Big Picture. Hartmann asked Schecter who benefits from a private corporation taking over a prison?

"Well of course private corporations," said Schecter. "As Eisenhower warned us with the military industry complex, this is no different."

Schecter added how the usage of for-profit prisons in Florida has not been a financial success. Instead, the opposite result has transpired because of the move.

"It's a farcical notion that you save money with a private prison, it just doesn't happen."

WATCH: Video from Russia Today, which aired on September 7, 2011.