The Nation's editor-at-large Chris Hayes debuted his new weekend show on MSNBC Saturday morning, slamming Red State founder Erick Erickson for his smear of killed federal workers.

In his closing monologue, Hayes described the recent events creating the current political climate around the country. In a mixture of "What we know" and "What we don't know yet," Hayes' summary ranged from Joe Walsh's child support woes to fictional book reading helping a person's intellect.

Hayes' main focus in the segment however was Erickson's latest attack on government workers, labeling a bill to present a flag to federal workers killed in a line of duty "The Flags for Bureaucrats Act."

Drawing up on being the son of two parents being public workers, Hayes was angered by Erickson's comments, calling it "a cheap lie."

"I know the people who do it ought to be ashamed of themselves," the new MSNBC host said about Erickson and those who despise government workers.

WATCH: Video from MSNBC, which appeared on September 17, 2011.

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