Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano Tuesday laughed off attacks on her by The Drudge Report, saying that the conservative website was "just wrong" to suggest the government was overreaching in its efforts to keep Americans safe.

"I have my own nickname," Napolitano told Politico's Mike Allen. "It's kind of a deal. You know that you've made it when you get your own nickname."

"I think my nickname is 'Big Sis.' And I don't think [Matt Drudge] means it kindly, actually," she added. "I think what he means is we are watching too much -- kind of an Orwellian view. And he's just wrong -- he's just wrong."

The DHS secretary explained that her department's privacy office took great care to prevent government overreaching.

"Madam Secretary, what I thought you were going to say -- and why I really perked up -- I thought you had a nickname for him," Allen noted.

"Maybe," Napolitano replied, laughing. "No, I think we should try to keep our discussion at a high level."

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