After discussing Tony Bennett's 9/11 comments, Bill Maher proceeded to poke some fun at those labeled as 'job creators' in the latest installment of Real Time.

The comedian first urged Americans once again to stop voting against their economic interests, or what he labels as the "Joe the Plumber syndrome."

"The broke unemployed guy who hates it when you try and tax the rich, and whose candidate of choice is Donald Trump," he said. "You just want to shake poor Joe and say 'Trump is not one of you.' The only thing you have in common is his hair looks like the stuff that clogs up the sink."

Maher went on to say how he votes against his own financial interest, adding "I'm a millionaire, f--k yeah" before putting on a "Mitt's The S--t" hat in announcing his appointment as regional fundraiser for Mitt Romney's campaign.

And what about those job creators? Considering himself as one of them, Maher made sure to joke about his fellow elites complaining that President Obama would cause 'uncertainty' if taxes were raised on them.

"You don't get how much 'Uncertainty' gives us job creators 'the willies,'" he said. "It's terrifying, like when you find out your private island has natives. Or when your wife notices the maid's kid looks just like you. Or when the limo drivers tries to start a conversation."

"So tax me at a higher rate, because you're practically firing yourselves."

WATCH: Video from HBO, which appeared on September 24, 2011.