In a speech in the White House Rose Garden Monday, President Barack Obama urged supporters to go all out in encouraging Congress to pass the American Jobs Act.

"There are some in Washington who would rather settle our differences through politics and elections than try to resolve them now," the president said. "And [Vice President Joe Biden] and I as we were walking out here, one of the Washington newspapers was quoting a Republican aide who said, 'I don't know why we would want to cooperate with Obama right now. It's not good for our politics.' That's the attitude in this town. 'Yeah, we've been for these things before but I don't know why we would be for them right now.'"

"So, if you agree with me, if you want Congress to take action, I'm going to need everybody here and everybody watching, you've got to make sure your voices are heard. Help make the case... I want you to pick up the phone, I want you to send an email, use one of those airplane skywriters, dust off the fax machine, or you could just, like, write a letter. So long as you get the message to Congress."

Watch this video from CNN's Newsroom, broadcast Sept. 12, 2011.

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