Current TV host Keith Olbermann Thursday named Pima County Chairman Pro Tem Mike Shaw the Worst Person in the World over his decision to raffle off a Glock handgun, the same kind of weapon that was used to shoot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ).

Shaw had defended the raffle Thursday by insisting Jared Loughner was responsible for shooting Giffords and killing six others, not the Glock.

"I could tell Mr. Shaw and the Pima County Republicans that they have ceased to be humans, that the rest of us think it would be a really good idea if they seceded from the country," Olbermann explained.

Instead, he read a comment from James Kelley.

"It doesn’t mean the Republican party doesn’t have an incredible record of supporting the Second Amendment, but at this point it’s ill-advised and I won’t stand with them on this," Kelley told the Arizona Daily Star Thursday.

"Mr. Kelley, critical of this crass, heartless, neanderthal gesture from the Pima County Republican Party is the Arizona Legislative District 29 Republican chairman," Olbermann explained. "Bravo to him and not to this human-shaped pile of feces, Mike Shaw, and his Pima County Republican Party."

Watch this video from Current's Countdown with Keith Olbermann," broadcast Sept. 1, 2011.