TRIPOLI — Photographs obtained by AFP in Libya reveal how Moamer Kadhafi's son Hannibal and his lingerie model wife lived a high-flying party lifestyle during his father's brutal rule.

In the dozens of photographs, found on a laptop belonging to Kadhafi's son and made available by former Libyan rebels to AFP, Hannibal, 36, and his Lebanese wife Aline Skaff are shown partying in European capitals, on a private jet and on a yacht off the Egyptian coast.

The couple is famed for having provoked diplomatic tensions with Switzerland when they were arrested in 2008 in a luxury hotel in Geneva for allegedly assaulting two former servants.

After the fall of Tripoli last month, an Ethiopian nanny also said she had been beaten and severely burnt while working for the couple.

The undated photographs show the couple on luxurious trips to Paris, Rome and the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. They are shown flying on a private jet, lounging in bathing suits on a luxury yacht and shopping in expensive boutiques.

Other photos show them staying in luxury hotel rooms, para gliding, scuba diving and visiting the Tripoli zoo.

Skaff, 31, is often shown in suggestive poses on beds or at the beach and the couple is shown in some of the photos surrounded with alcohol, which is banned in Libya. Some of the photographs were of a pornographic nature.

The lavish lifestyles of Kadhafi's family and entourage helped fuel the anger in Libya that sparked the protests that led eventually to the former strongman's ouster.

Hannibal was among a group of family members -- including Kadhafi's wife Safiya, son Mohammed and daughter Aisha -- who escaped to neighbouring Algeria after the fall of Tripoli.

Following Hannibal Kadhafi's 2008 arrest in Switzerland, his father's regime demanded that no charges be brought and an "apology" over the allegations that he had assaulted two former servants, a Tunisian and a Moroccan. In September 2008, the court dropped the case.

Hannibal also previously received a four-month suspended sentence and a 500-euro fine for assaulting his pregnant girlfriend in France.