If you were a CNN producer, chances are you probably didn't enjoy Jon Stewart rip into your network Tuesday evening.

On the latest installment of The Daily Show, the comedian mocked the CNN's Tea Party debate and the the GOP candidates who participated. “Last night, an incompetent bunch of yahoos was finally granted legitimacy –- by pairing up with the Tea Party,” Stewart said, making a clear jab at the news network.

After introducing his new segment, "Indecision 1776, Ye Cobblestone Road to the White House,” Stewart continued to hammer CNN, this time annoyed by the length of the candidates' introductions. "Oh for f--k's sake, come on," he said. "We get it. Everyone there loves America."

Stewart even railed on the stage design, saying it looked like "the inside of Betsy Ross’s vagina I’m told.”

And Rick Perry was not to be forgotten about by the Comedy Central host in his debate roundup, as Stewart made fun of the Texas governor's accent being so deceptively good. "You’re already halfway home when you realize, ‘that didn’t make any f--king sense,’” he said.

WATCH: Video from Comedy Central, which appeared on September 13, 2011.