In a segment titled "Oh My God, Rick Perry Is Going to Be Our Next President," Comedy Central's Jon Stewart ripped into Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's 59-point jobs plan.

"I want to describe to you the vision I have for what this country ought to look like down the road," Romney told an audience in North Las Vegas Tuesday. "There should be a job machine. Jobs being created all the time... We should have a job creating machine in America."

"Of course!" Stewart exclaimed. "A job machine. It was so easy. It was right in front of our faces: job machine. And instead of going to war, we should come out with some sort of peace machine. And an anti-cancer ice cream."

The Comedy Central host then mocked the candidate's "brilliantly arbitrary" suggestion that all new regulations should be offset by removing an existing regulation.

"Perfect! There you go. You want fuel efficiency, do ya? Well, that means we get to put mouse turds back in Funyuns," Stewart joked.

"Man, you want to be president so bad, Al Gore can taste it."

Watch this video from Comedy Central's The Daily Show, broadcast Sept. 8, 2011.

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