Stephen Colbert decided Monday evening that it was finally time to reveal what his Super PAC stood for.

On the latest episode of The Colbert Report, the Comedy Central host made his important announcement after a few months of analyzing fans' feedback. Colbert was spurred on by a letter from two kids named Charlie and Grace, who planned on starting a lemonade stand for the PAC if only they knew what it stood for.

With the words "people" and "corporations" being used the most in his viewers' world cloud, Colbert felt the fans wanted his PAC  "to stand for the self-evident truth that 'Corporations are people."

"So Charlie and Grace, you can start that lemonade stand," he said. "Or better yet, you can start Lem Co Inc: The purveyors of all natural 'Lem 'n' ade.' Warning, contains no 'lem' or 'aid.'"

He continued: "Folks, this is a crucial time in the fight for corporate civil rights. Just look at the hateful signs at Occupy Wall St, 'Corporations are not people.' Wow, I thought we were passed the point in this country, just because they have different color skin, or different religion, or were born in the lawyer's office and exist on paper and were created in the lawyer's office, have no soul and can never die."

WATCH: Video from Comedy Central, which was broadcast on October 25, 2011.