Back on September 28, Jon Stewart said that with her Constitution-wrapped bus tour, trips to Iowa and New Hampshire, and prating on about her plan to "save America", Sarah Palin was either running for president or she's "a crazy person". With her announcement yesterday that she isn't entering the race, it appears we have our answer.

But what takes the scam into what Stewart calls "Nigerian prince territory" is the notion that Palin may have known all along that she's not running, but has continued to bilk donors out of their money by dangling the possibility that she might. He produces what we'll call Exhibit A, a letter from "SarahPac" dated September 20 that specifically asks donors to give money to show their support for the ex-Alaska governor should she decide to run. And yet as far back as June, in what we will call Exhibit B, Bristol Palin appeared on Fox saying that her mother had made her decision, but was keeping the answer "in the family".

If anyone out there had any doubts about the true nature of Palin's character (and most of you don't), this should put them to rest.

Watch the video, embedded via Comedy Central, below: