Rush Limbaugh neatly and concisely lays out the conservative position on racism today: liberals are terrible.

The Politico and the mainstream media has launched an unconscionable, racially stereotypical attack on an independent, self-reliant conservative black because for him that behavior is not allowed. Now, if we had...

I want to look at a couple things today from a different perspective. What would the left be doing right now if, let's say, there were an assault on Obama of this nature. Let's say that some conservative publication ran a story exactly like this: Unnamed sources, 15 years ago, with every detail of Obama sexual harassment. What would the Democrat national committee and what would the media be doing? They would be going after the women. They would be targeting these women, and they would name names, and they would destroy them. That is what the Democrats and the media would do. They would set out to find out who these women are that talked to the conservative publication and they would destroy them.

They would call these women racists for trying to destroy a black politician. They would claim that they're working for the Republican National Committee. They would claim that these two women (or these women, whoever), had been hired by the Republican National Committee to engage in this smear and lie campaign against Obama. They would go after these women. They would destroy them. They would make the women the bad guys. They would dig into every minor thing in these women's lives that they have ever done. They would trash them, they would make them prove the unprovable -- because this is war, and that's how they fight it. Anything goes, as far as they're concerned, and they cannot allow a black or an Hispanic to rise to the top of a political establishment that is not Democrat.

I know, I know.  You're probably liberal, and therefore incapable of understanding this honest discussion on race unless it comes with mentions of imperialism and Dave Chappelle. This is a very simple argument.

1) This is a racist allegation against Herman Cain.

2) If the exact same allegation was launched against Barack Obama, the liberal media would call the people making the allegation racist, even thought it obviously wouldn't be.

3) Therefore, because the allegation wasn't made against Barack Obama, it is racist.

4) Marco Rubio, also.

The thought I've kept having today: the fact that conservatives keep calling this a "high-tech lynching" is really indicative of just how toxic an environment the GOP is for black people.  There haven't even been enough black Republicans of note in the past two decades to have another scandal. For a party obsessed with victimology, it's a rather stunning indictment of their complete incompetence on race that you can name every single prominent black Republican since Reagan was in office during the ad break before a YouTube video.