CHICAGO, Illinois — Amber Miller had a day to remember on Sunday for seven hours after finishing the Chicago Marathon she gave birth to a baby girl according to Monday's edition of local newspaper the Daily Herald.

Miller, 27, had got permission from her doctor to compete, in what was her eighth marathon, provided she alternated between running and walking but soon after finishing the race in 6hr 25min she sensed the baby was on the way.

"It was the longest day of my life," said Miller, who was 39 weeks pregnant.

"We are delighted but very tired.

"A few minutes after finishing, the contractions became stronger than normal and I understood what was going on.

"When they became more regular, we had a sandwich and then we left for hospital."

Miller's new arrival - her second child - weighed 3.5kilogrammes (7.7lbs).

Photo credit: Richard Smith