Two clowns, Hannah Morgan and Louis Jargow, were arrested after they jumped over metal barricades surrounding the Charging Bull statue near Wall Street in Manhattan.

Police officers quickly grabbed both clowns as they pranced around the symbol of financial optimism and prosperity, spanking and climbing the beast to prepare it for its bullfight.

"This bull has ruined millions of lives!" said Jargow as police wrestled him to the ground. "Yet he and his accomplices have been rewarded with billions of our tax dollars and we, here to put a stop to it all, are thrown to the ground. ¡Un escándalo!"

While the officers apprehended the clowns, the matador de toros hopped on top of a police car and presented his red cape.

"I wondered whether I, neophyte matador, could bring down this behemoth, world-famous for charging towards profit while trampling underfoot the average worker," he said. "Come what may, I knew I must try."

Police apparently did not notice there was a bullfighter standing on top of their police car. The matador was not arrested.

The clowns were charged with disorderly conduct and released an hour later.

Watch video, courtesy of YesLab, below: