Stephen Colbert was so impressed by Herman Cain's Monday's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he decided to write a big check Tuesday evening for the under fire GOP presidential nominee.

Colbert was particularly delighted by Cain telling Jimmy Kimmel that he couldn't think of anything to hire Gloria Allred, lawyer for Sharon Bialek, who's accusing Cain of sexual harassment.

"He knows how to think of things for women to do," he said. "And If he hired them to do it, maybe he wouldn't be in this much trouble. The point is, Cain was great with Jimmy, as Fox News's website declared 'Cain hits home run with 'Kimmel,' which is impressive because he was only trying to get to third base."

Colbert said he was so impressed with Cain, he was ready to donate even more than the maximum amount individuals are allowed to give to presidential campaigns.

"What is the maximum amount you are allowed to write to the candidate?" Colbert asked himself. "$2,500? F--k that, I am going with $10,000. Come for me coffers, because Herman is the man. How bad could the new charges be?"

The show then proceeded to play the portion of Bialek's press conference where she described Cain trying to get physically affectionate with her.

Upon hearing the charges, Colbert took the check and ate it, joking that he would be hard pressed to defend Cain after this.

WATCH: Video from Comedy Central, which was broadcast on November 8, 2011.