Stephen Colbert decided Tuesday evening that he wanted to analyze State Rep. Larry Taylor's (R-TX) "Don't try and Jew them down" comments with his new creation, the "Bigot-O-Tron 9000."

The Colbert Report host made clear that he disagreed with Taylor's anti-Semitic comments, but decided to offer what the legislator should have said instead.

"Come on this is the 1st century, " Colbert said. "If a Republican wants to criticize in a way that's acceptable. Don't say Jew em down, say Muslim them down. Or gay them up. Or Mexican them sideways."

Colbert went over to introduce the "Bigot-O-Tiron 9000," telling his audience the machine's motto is, "Where nothing is black and white, it's negro or cracker." The Comedy Central personality then went in-depth on why Taylor's brain caused him to issue a rapid apology for his headline making comment.

"Science tells us the brain has two lobes," he said. "The right side of the brain houses the ethnic stereo type lobe , while the left side of the brain contains the knowledge that a camera was pointing at him. Apparently, the connection between the two sides was severed."

WATCH: Video from Comedy Central, which was broadcast on November 7, 2011.