One of the gay community's most high-profile activists has reportedly been glitterbombed for being transphobic.

"The Dan Savage Welcoming Committee" said that they showered the sex columnist with glitter during the taping of his MTV show Savage U at the University of Oregon Tuesday.

"During this session, the operative leapt to the stage and poured glitter over Dan's head as they shouted, 'Dan Savage is a transphobe!'" the group said in a statement. "As they turned tail, they added, 'Glitterbomb courtesy of the Dan Savage Welcoming Committee,' and just before they got out the door, 'He's a racist and misogynist and a rape-apologist, too!' The operative then fled the scene."

In a 2010 column, Savage claimed that Republican Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna was a transsexual who was working against his own interests by suing to block health care reform.

"It's staggering that Rob McKenna, a female-to-male transsexual, is making it harder for other FTMs (and MTFs) to access the life savng sex-reassignment surgery that allowed Rob to become the man he is today," Savage wrote. "Rob had the resources to finance his own sex-reassigment surgery—presumably—but that doesn't excuse Rob's cruel disregard for his low-income transgendered brothers and sisters or his making common cause with anti-trans bigots in states like Virginia and Mississippi."

The Huffington Post noted Wednesday that McKenna is not actually transgender.

Savage has also written columns using the term "shemale" and one titled "Bad Tranny."

While Savage hasn't personally confirmed the attack yet, he did tell The New Civil Right Movement's David Badash that he definitely doesn't hate trans people.

"How do you disprove a charge like you’re transphobic?" Savage asked. "I certainly have had a journey in the last 20 years -- as have we all -- on trans issues. When I started writing Savage Love 20 years ago, and you can yank quotes 15, 18 years ago and flat them up today and say, 'You know, that's transphobic,' I'd probably agree with you. Fifteen years ago I didn't know as much as I know now -- nor did anybody."

But the group in Oregon isn't buying it.

"The Dan Savage Welcoming Committee let him know that he can't be a douche with impunity."

Photo: Flickr/Guney Cuceloglu