No matter what her age or physical state, Dorothy Desjardins is a lady you should never cross. And that advice probably would be fully endorsed first and foremost by her husband.

The 87-year-old Missouri lady allegedly shot her 88-year-old spouse "Peter" Saturday evening after she confronted him about her belief that he was cheating on her with her hairdresser, according to Springfield police's and New York Daily News. Using her walker to follow her husband into their bedroom, Desjardins picked up her husband's Ruger .22 caliber after running out of books to throw at him.

Despite her husband thinking she didn't know how to handle the gun, Desjardins showed that she was in full control by shooting Peter in the right arm while he tried to cover his face.

"I didn't kill him," Desjardins said. "I just scared him."

Desjardins was charged with second degree assault and a bail set at $5,000. Husband Peter was taken to hospital but is expected to recover fully from the incident.

(Photo credit: PGHMTB)