CHICAGO — An election monitor bit an Ohio voter on the nose Tuesday after he got involved in a dispute about how close a campaign worker could get to the polling station, local media reported Tuesday.

"He head-butted me. He bit my nose. He tried to bite it off," Greg Flanagan, 49, told the Cleveland Plain Dealer after he was treated at hospital for the bite wound.

Flanagan became a target after he mumbled "you don't have to be such an ass" after the election monitor -- whose job is to act as a troubleshooter -- berated the campaign worker.

Police were looking for James Williams, who jumped into his car and drove off after the polling location coordinator pulled him off of Flanagan.

"This is the most heinous act I've ever seen on election day," Cleveland city councilman Kevin Kelly told the paper.

The county election board confirmed that the attack happened at the Gloria Dei Evangelical Lutheran Church.

"Every election we have arguments and heated discussions over the 100-foot line," said Jane Platten, director of the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections.

But this was the first time there had been a problem with Williams, who been a monitor at every election since 2006.