CSA Week 22CSA Week #22  

Dinner #1

We had carnival squash! Carnival squash is the best. So I decided to make stuffed squash. I ground together some stale bread ends, ricotta cheese, an apple, a couple of eggs, herbs from the garden, chickpeas, and roasted garlic, and used all this for stuffing. When they came out of the oven, I topped them with marinara sauce.

Stuffed squash, broccoli, saladTook the dill and made a yogurt sauce with it. Steamed the broccoli and served this dill yogurt sauce on it.

Made a couple of dinner salads with an apple and some of the lettuce. Dressed those with the dill sauce as well.

Everything got a heavy dose of salt, pepper, and Parmesan cheese.


Dinner #2

Made cornbread.

Took the collard greens and the carrots and cooked them with green onions, garlic, thyme from my garden, salt, pepper, paprika, and pinto beans. Used some veggie broth to help it along.

Cornbread, beans & greensMade a salad with the lettuce and a tomato from the farmer’s market. There was a little tomato left over, so I tossed that in to cook with the beans and greens mix.

Dessert was apple crisp, using what was left of this week’s apples.