People always ask you, when you're a vegetarian, what you eat on Thanksgiving. The answer is, "Forgoing turkey means having more room for pie." I'm unclear why this is a problem. 

Before you stuff yourself silly and then regret it, however, I have to point out that there are options! Because if you don't eat all the food now, you can have leftovers. Now, some unfortunate people dislike leftovers for some reason, but for those of us who really like flinging open the fridge to find delicious food that only needs reheating to eat. 

Regardless of how you feel, however, everyone can benefit from this list of 38 recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers. For leftover lovers, it helps jazz it up. For leftover haters, it changes up the food enough to make it basically a whole new meal.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?