Comedy Central host Jon Stewart on Monday ripped Fox News host Megyn Kelly for her double standard on reports with anonymous sources.

Prior to Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain's fourth sexual harassment accuser, Sharon Bialek, coming forward, Kelly had discredited the allegations because the victims had not been named by the media.

"Do you think the mainstream media thus far, or others in the media have been giving too much of a pass or too much credence to these, right now, anonymous allegations?" Kelly asked conservative media critic Bernie Goldberg. "Politico chose not to name the women involved in these two cases, which I found interesting."

"Yes, anyone who uses anonymous sources, especially from Politico articles should be drummed out of journalism," Stewart agreed.

But just over a year earlier, Kelly had found a use for Politico's anonymous sources.

"An unnamed senior White House official told Politico the unions flushed millions of their members' money down the toilet on a pointless exercise -- that's a quote," Kelly declared. "Many believe it's from Rahm Emmanuel. All Politico says is senior White House official. So, is the love affair between the White House and organized labor over?"

"Wow, you're just going to run with it?" Stewart asked. "Alright. To be fair, that's not an anonymous source. Many believe it's Rahm Emmanuel."

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