It probably doesn't qualify as a Christmas miracle, but one YouTube uploader says that his dog learned to walk down stairs on his front paws after being outfitted with a pair of Santa pants.

"It was christmas day so I threw a pair of santa pants on my dog," MrPhillypickles explained. "He was fine walking around but when he ran down the stairs to greet someone, something amazing happened."

On Reddit, the dog's owner went into more detail: "It was actually a holiday bag that you put candy in and looks like santa pants, so I cut out leg holes and obviously had to put them on my parents dog."

And for those that doubt him, Philly Pickles offered a photo of himself holding the pair of Santa pants and a note that read, "Why u no believe me?!"

Watch this video, uploaded to YouTube Dec. 26, 2011.

Photo: Reddit/Philly Pickles