America's largest mall was placed under temporary lockdown Monday evening after several hundred people created a wild scene, according to the Minnesota Star Tribute.

More than 200 young people reacted to a small fight involving a large group at a food court in Bloomington, Minnesota's Mall of America. Ten juveniles and young adults were arrested by police on suspicion of disorderly conduct.

Witnesses told the Star Tribune that the scene resembled a "smash and grab" mob, with shoppers being knocked down and items stolen, although police say they received no reports of stolen merchandise.

Mall of America officials say chaos erupted for over an hour before calm was restored, although small incidents occurred in and outside of the mall afterwards. They admitted their decision for a lockdown was a premature mistake and quickly rescinded it.

Officials also debunked Twitter rumors of weapons being involved and that music stars Lil Wayne and Drake were present at the mall.

No one was reported as seriously injured from the incident.

WATCH: Video from Youtube, which was published on December 26, 2011.

[Photo credit: Cliff/Cliff1066]