At the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durbin, South Africa Friday afternoon, a group of environmental activists decided to provide a common element of the 'Occupy' movement to the event.

The protesters "mic checked" during negotiations, demanding that a "real climate deal" be provided at the conference's conclusion.

“Listen to the people, not the polluters,” they yelled. "We are here today for the people who can't be here. We are here today for the people who will suffer under the weight of climate change."

The protesters also repeated a plea from a delegate from the Maldives, saying "You need to save us, the island can't sink."

The "mic check" symbol inspired from the 'Occupy' protests also emerged when Anjali Appadurai, a student at the College of the Atlantic in Maine, addressed the conference on behalf of youth delegates urging strong action.

"So, distinguished delegates and governments around the world, governments of the developed world: Deep (emission) cuts now. Get it done," she said, according to Democracy Now.

Final negotiations for a deal have been ongoing throughout Saturday at the conference.

WATCH: Video from One World, which was published on December 9, 2011.