Upset over rumors saying he's coordinating with his formeR super PAC, Stephen Colbert wanted to set the record straight Tuesday evening.

Skeptics like Buzzfeed's Ben Smith questioned how Jon Stewart's super PAC was able to creat an ad endorsing Hermain Cain in South Carolina before Colbert even aired his segment endorsing the "Vote Cain" strategy.

Colbert was eager to provide a Star Wars-esque comparison to dispel any coordination rumor.

"There's a couple possibles," he said. "It could be that after spending so much time on The Daily Show, Jon and I have developed some key of psychic twin connection, where one feels what the other is experiencing. Like Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.”

He added: "I'm Princess Leia in this scenario."

WATCH: Video from Comedy central, which was broadcast on January 18, 2012.