Instead of focusing on the overall final results in GOP New Hampshire Primary, Stephen Colbert took a keen interest Tuesday evening in the small town of Dixville Notch.

Despite having just a population of nine people, the winner of Dixville Notch has amazingly gone on to win every Republican presidential nomination since 1960.

However, there was no clear cut winner this time, as Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman ended up tied with two votes each.

"A two-two tie, unprecedented," Colbert said. "Which must mean that the 2012 Republican nominee will be Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman, stitched together, in a human centi-GOP."

"You see, the back candidate is sticked onto the front ones, let's say, Dickville Notch. The question is, who would be the head? The smart money is on Romney. Actually, all the money is on Romney."

However, Colbert was concerned about Romney's history at Bain Capital, and his recent comment about how much he likes to "fire people."

"What?" Colbert asked. "Boy Romney really stuck his foot in his mouth with this one, which is the spiciest thing he has eaten in years. And of course, the media and the other candidates have jumped on Mitt like Newt Gingrich on a younger, healthy wife."

WATCH: Video from Comedy Central, which was broadcast on January 10, 2012.