Last night on The Daily Show, viewers were treated to an in-depth look at why Newt Gingrich should never discuss racial issues, ever.

The candidate has a long and colorful history of tin-eared statements on race, gender, and policy, but recent indicating his willingness to go to "the inner city" and explain to black people "why paychecks are better than food stamps" have kicked off a firestorm of controversy.

And yet, as The Daily Show host Jon Stewart points out, Gingrich seems completely oblivious as to why anyone would find these comments objectionable: he's just trying to be nice and do those people a favor!

In a second segment, Wyatt Cenac reports in to offer his analysis as to why Gingrich took so long to be "condescending and dickish" to black people. Spoiler alert: It's racism.

Watch the clips below, embedded via Comedy Central:

Part Two: