Former Guantanamo prison detainee Lakhdar Boumediene talked with MSNBC's Chris Hayes this weekend about his difficult experiences being locked up for over seven years despite his innocence.

Boumediene posed a question to U.S. viewers in regards to what their perspective would be if they were in his or other prisoners' shoes.

"I'm asking if one of you is imprisoned in America for seven and a half years, he was deprived of his wife, his children, and his life was destroyed, is he compensated?" he asked. "I leave the American people to answer this question."

"The American government is an arrogant government and 'til this very moment, they don't want to admit that they made a mistake to Boumediene, Lakhdar. This is the least they could have done, to admit they've made a mistake."

WATCH: Video from MSNBC, which was broadcast on January 14, 2012.

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