In contrast to Jon Stewart's exhaustion, Stephen Colbert seemed more than excited with the back-to-back Republican debates in New Hampshire over the past weekend.

The Colbert Report host said Monday evening that he actually prepared a special drinking game for the debates -- but with two debates happening one after the other, he had to limit his intake to every time a candidate said the word "contraception."

"By the end, I was more wasted than a donation to the Huntsman campaign," he told viewers.

"Needless to say, I was a little hung over. I woke up the next day thinking, 'Jesus, whose opinions did I agree with last night.'"

But that didn't deter Colbert from watching the following day's debate on NBC, where he was buoyed by Texas Governor Rick Perry advocating for troops to go back into Iraq.

"'Bout damn time, let's get out troops back into Iraq," he said. "We've been out for almost two weeks now. Plenty of time for those bastards to get weapons of mass destruction."

WATCH: Video from Comedy Central, which was broadcast on January 9, 2012.