As The Simpsons approaches its 500 episode, writers on the latest episode of the landmark series decided to poke fun at Fox News and one of its former employees.

In Sunday's episode, after becoming a YouTube sensation after an airport meltdown, Homer Simpson wins the job of political analyst on a show called "Head Butt."

Homer impresses the show's producers so much, they give him his own show called "Gut Check" and proclaim Homer as the "ill-informed gas bag that networks cannot get enough of."

Carrying the excitement of having his own show, Homer vows that he would be a unique host.

"I’m not just another loudmouth!” he said. "I’m a loudmouth who says things you’re afraid to say, but not racist things!”

Homer's over the wall style certainly echoed the antics of former Fox News host Glenn Beck.

WATCH: Video from FOX, which was broadcast on January 8, 2012.

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