A Louisiana couple fled their home out of fear that their Capuchin moneys would be taken away by state officials, according to the Associated Press.

Jim and Donita Clark have been hiding in their motor home for the past four months, leaving their house just before wildlife agents came for an inspection. They say owners of exotic animals are being cracked down on across the country thanks to recent events of wild animals getting loose.

"We'll never be the same, I'll never feel the same," Donita Clark said. "I can't even imagine a day I feel good anymore because I feel bad. I feel like the state I was born in and my country has forsaken us."

Louisiana has banned exotic animals, but has allowed people who already own monkeys to keep them. However, they can only keep them if they qualify for a permit after an inspection.

The Clarks said they would not return home until they are sure the monkeys would not be taken.

WATCH: Video from The Associated Press, which was published on January 30, 2012.