MELBOURNE — A snack called "Nuckin Futs" has got the green light to be sold in Australia after regulators accepted the profanity it parodies was part of everyday speech, according to a report.

The Trade Marks Examiner initially ruled that the name was inappropriate and rejected a trademark application, the Melbourne Herald Sun reported.

But lawyers for the unnamed Australian company that wants to market the product argued that the swear-word it parodies was a normal part of Australian speech and could not be deemed offensive under trademark rules.

"We submit that whilst there may be a mere sentimental objection or mere distaste to Nuckin Futs, this is not a sufficient ground for rejection of the trademark, particularly since a substantial number of people would not find the words shocking," a five-page legal submission said.

Almost a year after the application was rejected, the examiner agreed to accept the trademark on condition that the owner does not market the product to children, the newspaper said.

Lawyers for the company said the product, mostly comprising edible nuts, would only by sold in pubs, nightclubs and other entertainment venues.