Atrios named him the Worst Person in the World yesterday. He sent Charles Pierce on an amusing rant. He's David Gregory, and he got a little overexcited thinking about making the people he sees as "support staff" cry themselves to sleep at night. I will let Pierce describe:

Before we leave the weekend's debates behind, and in keeping with the blog's first rule of economics — Fk The Deficit. People Got No Jobs. People Got No Money. — I would be remiss not to mention the performance on Sunday of Dancin' Dave Gregory, chronic Vineyard vacationer and Beltway King of Pain. He reached an entirely new level of smarm when he asked Jon Huntsman the following question:

Let's talk substance. So Governor Huntsman, name three areas where Americans will feel real pain in order to balance the budget?

See, you stupid proles. The only "substance" worth talking about is exactly how miserable your lives will have to be made in order to keep The Deficit from eating our children in their beds, and how wretched your existence will have to become so that David Gregory and the people with whom he goes to dinner can think themselves people of serious purpose. And then, even after Huntsman had once again pledged fealty to the economic sadism that is the plan offered by zombie-eyed granny-starver Paul Ryan, which is why Huntsman's position as The Only Sane One is not entirely accurate, Gregory still wasn't satisfied.

Three programs that will make Americans feel pain, sir? 

Not that Atrios and Charles are wrong to blanch at Gregory's slobbering desire to see throngs of people begging in the streets, of course, but I also hesitate to draw too much attention to our disgust, for fear that these kinds of questions are going to get toned down. As I was noting gleefully on Twitter when a couple of anti-choicers started bleating at me, I want them to explain, in lavish detail, how sex is only for procreation and that women who have sex for pleasure deserve to be punished as the dirty whores they are. They know, as I know, that it's probably not best for them to show their hand like this, which is why they're constantly on about "babies", but if you push hard enough, the "sex is evil and should be punished" belief always comes out. That's where we need them: showing their true face. The more honest they are, the better.

Ideally, we'd have a situation where the Republican candidates started competing with each other to see who could come up with the most lavish trials they wish the 99% to endure. If we could get Mitt Romney trying to outdo Newt Gingrich by explaining how he won't be satisfied until good Christian women are selling blow jobs in the church parking lot to make rent, I think that would probably work out pretty well. Sure, the Republicans will eat it up, but it won't do much to help the Republicans pick up votes from those oh--so-important swing voters and independents.